Some of our closest friends and family will be standing beside us as we are married.


We will be married by our friend, Harland Westgate. Harland was H.T. when we first met him during our freshman year at University of Delaware, but his cerebral and “always in thought” nature made it clear, early on, that we would sometime be calling him by his full name with regularity. Harland has been a close friend to both of us throughout the years, living with Colin during their sophomore at school, and scheming alongside his wife, Amy, to get Liz and Colin together throughout their period of “fake dating.” Harland is a remarkably intelligent, thoughtful, and engaging friend. We are so blessed to have a man like him unite us in marriage.

Standing for the Bride

Maid of Honor, Leslie Forsyth

Leslie and I met freshman year at the University of Delaware. The first time we ever hung out we went to a kick-boxing class. On the way there we bonded over the awesomeness of growing up with brothers; on the way back we bonded over the fact that neither of us wanted to take another kick-boxing class. We’ve been best friends ever since. Being friends for almost 10 years we’ve been through the good (too many to list), the bad (all boys before Colin and her boyfriend Chris), and the ugly (there is photo proof somewhere). She is definitely the sister I never had and I know I will get through anything with her as my friend. Lizlie!

Maid of Honor, Leslie Wallace

Leslie and I have been friends for over 10 years. There are so many milestones that you go through in a third of your life and we’ve been there for most of each others – school events, graduations, relationships, and in the past few years weddings. Leslie and I have always had each others back and I can’t think of a better person to have experienced all of these life events with. If ever I need a good laugh or a good bitchfest, I know exactly who to call. And although she makes me feel like a midget some of the time, I’m so glad to have her stand by my side on my wedding day and every other day. Besfrwens for life!

Bridesmaid, Tracy Reuter

Tracy and I are Rebels for life! We became great friends after playing on the same Rec softball team in both middle school and high school. She’s the Ryan Howard to my Roy Halliday – except she can hit the ball and I never threw a perfect game. (Leaves of 3!) I had the best fortune to move to a city all the way across the country and have one of my best friends be there to welcome me. Tracy always brings a little piece of the Jerz wherever she goes which made the transition to living with hipsters pretty okay. Even though Colin and I have since moved back, the times Tracy and I shared in San Francisco will always be special. I only hope she and her hubby follow in Colin and my footsteps and make their way back East soon.

Bridesmaid, Theresa Collier

Theresa and I met over 3 years ago through our wonderfully awesome friend Colleen. We were all working in our first grown up jobs at Elsevier (‘ell-suh-veer’), a medical textbook publisher in Philadelphia. We became fast friends over lunch outings, happy hours, and random trips. (10+ hour drive back from Boston!) T and I always have great conversations whether it’s a quick email, a phone chat, or sitting on the beach for hours drinking Sangria we’ve hidden in our beach bags. I’m so glad we’ve remained close after both moving away from the Philly area, and I can’t wait to sit on the beach with her drinking Sangria for years to come.

Standing for the Groom

Best Man, Drew Housten

Drew has been one of my closest friends for nearly fifteen years. He and I have collaborated on so many great projects and endeavors, from building realistic documentary videos to building an entire educational computer system for our high school as part of an independent study course, to many, many other efforts. He is one of the most reliable, honest, supportive, funny, and welcoming people you will ever meet. Those qualities perfectly complement his adventurous spirit and form the basis for his great friendships. I’m honored to call him my best man.

Groomsman, Tony Bacigalupo

Tony currently calls himself the “mayor” of his business, New Work City. He has, in many ways, always been the “mayor” of our group of friends from school. He works tirelessly to ensure that as many people in a group are happy as possible. He brings people together with his friendly and welcoming nature. He sings a mean karaoke. Tony possesses one of those infinitely likable personalities that endears him to many and I realized that early on in our time together at school. He has a quick wit, is genuinely excited to hear the latest news from his friends and contemporaries, and he is always up for a great time. For a good time, ask him about his family’s pet duck or the chord progression to “Colleen Wilcox.” Or simply sidle up to him and say “Uh, uh, uh.”

Groomsman, Kaes Delgrego

When Kasey was in high school, my Uncle David was his math teacher. Upon hearing that Kasey planned to attend University of Delaware to study computer science, my uncle told him that “his nephew goes there and is also studying computer science.” Naturally, Kasey shrugged his off, as the likelihood of him and I meeting at a school of over 17,000 undergraduates was pretty slim. But, as luck would have it, Kasey and I met as coworkers on our first RA staff. We quickly became great friends and have a unique bond that is somewhat hard to describe. Both Liz and Kasey’s wife, Danielle, have noted that Kasey and I seem to use a different voice when speaking to the other on the phone, almost a secret language. There is no one who better understands my sense of humor and no one who can dish it back quite as well and as thoughtfully as Kasey. I’m proud to have him as a groomsman.

Groomsmen, Brian and Kevin Hart

Being an only child, I never really understood sibling relationships. It can be hard to figure out the way siblings play off of each other when you aren’t accustomed to that sort of thing growing up. Living with Brian and Kevin has brought us closer together and every day I’m learning a little bit more of what it’s like to be a brother. Kevin is a caring and thoughtful friend that is always ready and able to help with a project or put together a great meal. Brian is a protective and fun-loving older brother that is always ready for a good time and a laugh. Knowing these two like brothers is as if I was a one-man wolf pack that has just added two more guys to my wolf pack. I’m very excited to have them standing with me on my wedding day.

Groomsman, Pete Vincenti

Pete and I have a very special connection. It won’t take more than a glance or look in most situations for one to know exactly what the other is thinking. We were somewhat randomly assigned as roommates for our freshman year of school, became fast friends, and haven’t looked back since. I remember thinking when we first spoke over the phone before the fall semester that Pete was going to be a fun roommate. He has proven to be far more over the years, as he has been a confidant, a helping hand, and a partner in crime. We’ve jumped over Stonehenge, dared to be first, and won many rounds of Takenoko, Takenoko, nyoki ki together.